About Us

Solminds Technologies came into being on the last day of 2008. Solminds is based in Cochin in the southern state of Kerala in India.

The name Solminds was coined as an acronym for Solutions by Minds. We firmly believe that technology can be used to make lot of tasks easier. We feel technology is made to be too complex than it ought to be and there is a way to make it simple and be useful without resorting to high sounding technical jargon. Internet has made it a level playing field and with the advent of on demand computing, any person with skills can contribute and help in solving a business problem anywhere in the world.

The solutions Solminds provide mostly leverage the internet and primarily make it easier for small businesses to go online and advertise or sell their wares at a minimal cost. We do depend on open source a lot and we thank all the contributors out there who enrich the community. Of course Google and Google apps has been an integral part of our business as well as Microsoft who has provided us tools with their Bizspark program for start ups. We have recently been selected as google partner.

Our Team

Ceejo Thomas


Varghese Jose

Biju Subhash

Anil Kumar K P

Athira M Nair

Thasleema V M

Vishnu Narayanan

Chinnu Reji